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Orchestrating Coincidence is a project
by Hilde Onis and Liza Wolters

An edition of 30 unique sculptures existing of 26 individuals and 2 pairs, plus 5 artist proofs.

With Orchestrating Coincidence, Hilde Onis and Liza Wolters take on the representation of the in-between, resulting in a series of 30 sculptures that defy odds by finding connection at their breaking point. By developing a method that aims to constrain but meanwhile evokes accident, the series’ individual objects have a say in controlling it’s own contours.

Departing from these notions, they explore existing linear views of (gendered) positive and negative space in sculpture. The thirty unique sculptures are paired with an emphasizing publication that plays with character assignment. The printed leporello catalog integrally touches upon what it means to collect and be one of
a whole.

The series finds it core in relation to thought processes about and around erosion, fragility, interspace and the ‘failure’ of objects in their original function as their point of departure. The project as a whole explores meaning emerging from parenthesis and absent material.

Purchasing an edition or catalog

– Single sculpture: € 440 incl. VAT
– Duo sculpture:  € 760 incl. VAT (both sold) 
Every sculpture comes with corresponding packaging and a printed leporello catalog designed by graphic designer Janne Beldman. 

– Carriers on request
– Separate catalog: € 26 incl. VAT + shipping 

To purchase your number of choice, while accepting every accompanied trait, send an e-mail to orchestratingcoincidence@gmail.com with the number of the edition in the subject. 
Due to the extreme fragility of the works, they can not be shipped; they can be picked up in Rotterdam or personally delivered to you within the Netherlands and Belgium. Based on where the new home of the edition is located, we will suggest the deliver expenses to you personally.

For purchases outside of the Netherlands and Belgium or other requests, please contact us so we can find a way.

The project was kindly supported by Stichting-Bekker-la-Bastide-Fonds and Pictoright.

The leporello catalog is realized with the support of Jaap Harten Fonds and Stichting Stokroos.


at Gallery Nieuw Charlois (15.01 - 25.02.23), Rotterdam (NL)

This exhibition of Orchestrating Coincidence was the one-time occurence of the edition as a whole, presented in a site-specific installation. Concrete fault lines ran through the space, with the entire edition spread over them.

Documentation by Liza Wolters
Photography opening by Sander van Wettum